The agent search begins

I’ve finally started querying Moonrise Ink to agents. This basically means I’m emailing agents with a short summary of what my book is about in hopes that they will want to read the entire manuscript, and, if they love the entire manuscript, offer me representation. Some agents ask for a bit more than just a query, such as a synopsis and/or the first ten, twenty-five, or fifty pages of the manuscript. I love being able to include manuscript pages; it just gives me more of a chance to interest someone. Some agents even ask interesting questions like, “What would your main character say about your manuscript?” or “What is your favorite sentence from your manuscript?” It’s always fun to get an extra chance at being creative.

The hard part of querying, besides gathering the courage to press that send button in the first place, is the waiting. Agents get hundreds of queries a week, and, as you can imagine, it takes a lot of work to go through them all. And that’s on top of all the work they’re doing for their existing clients. Some agents even say on their websites, “If I do not respond within X weeks, you can assume I’m uninterested.” So this process could take some time.

And there is some good news. If you fail at a job interview, you must find somewhere else to work. If your manuscript fails to get you an agent, though, you can always write another manuscript. And, if you want to be a writer, that’s probably what you were planning on doing anyway. Exciting ideas are always flowing through your brilliant mind, right?

So, while I wait, I’m diving into some new projects. Like I said before, I’ve got the adult supernatural fantasy to be co-written with a friend. That still needs a lot of planning and plotting. And I think my next solo-written novel will be another middle grade fantasy, a bit darker in tone than Moonrise Ink. I am still plotting it out.

Anyway, wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “The agent search begins

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Hopefully, you’ll get an agent for Moonrise.

    I just came up with what I think could be a decent middle grade or young adult novel as well. It’ll certainly be lighter than the one we’re going to write together. I think I need to make a story that doesn’t involve so much tragedy at some point. It’s funny how the gods of inspiration (yes, muses if you must) always work to cause procrastination. When you have no story, you can’t come up with one, but when you finally have one, you get 12 more before you finish planning.

  2. It’s similar when you have specific story plotting problems you’re working on. If you’re trying to think of a solution directly, you can’t come up with one, or you come up with the simplest, most uninteresting solution. It’s only when you’re not thinking about it so much that answers come to you, so I think you really have to let story ideas brew in your head for sometimes years before all the elements begin fitting together nicely.

    Moonrise Ink was interesting because I had just started writing a completely different novel, and the elements for Moonrise Ink came together from a dozen other stories I had only fragments of. (Which is weird thinking about now, because MI seems like a solid unit to me now, and not a bunch of unrelated ideas, though that’s how it started.) I quit the story I was working on and set out to write MI.

    Anyway, I just remembered that I’ve got that screenplay, The Melody Box, just sitting here. Since that story’s pretty much already written (though I know it needs a few tweaks), I’ll probably turn that into a novel next.

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