Retyping second draft of first novel

Last week, I finally finished my first round of edits for the second draft of my first novel, Moonrise Ink. I did it by printing out the first draft and editing it with a pen, making pen marks all over every page and crossing out as much as I could, trying to get my bloated wordcount down. So now I have to type it all back up. I’ve only been at it for two days, and seem to be retyping about 10K words a day, so I expect to be done by the end of this week, or early next week. (I can’t be certain until I finish retyping, but my rough estimate is that I’ve cut about 30K words from the draft. That’s from 105K words down to 75K words. 75K words is still long for a middle grade fantasy, but it might be the best I can do at this stage.)

Near the end of this month or early next month, I expect I’ll begin my great agent search. I’m looking forward to it. If I fail to get an agent, I’ll write another book and try again. No pressure.

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