First novel progress update

Just a small progress report. I’m still editing my first draft of Moonrise Ink. I’m currently on page 98 of 221. It’s quite a tedious task, but I’m trying to make sure every sentence is concise and contributes something to the scene. Many words, phrases, and sentences are being scribbled out. I’m also trying to make sure each scene focuses on what the characters want and what’s stopping them from getting it. After all, that’s what creates conflict.

This is harder than writing because I feel more emotionally distant from the story. I am purposefully looking for mistakes and weaknesses in my own writing. I’m not really trying to imagine what my characters are feeling; I’m trying to make sure I’m communicating something as concisely as I can. I don’t want awkward writing or too much information to stop a reader from feeling something. Does that make sense?

So, overall, I definitely enjoy writing more.

And I think plotting is still the greatest fun.

So basically the writing process gets less and less fun with each step:

1. Plotting! Rush of new ideas! Lots of daydreaming! Woohoo!
2. Writing. Daydreaming emotional experiences with the tediousness of finding the right words to describe them. Fun but difficult.
3. Editing. Ugh. Look at all this stuff that doesn’t work. Boring.

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One thought on “First novel progress update

  1. And this is editing based on my own thoughts. I don’t know what it will be like when (if by some miracle the book sells to a publisher) an agent or an editor requests edits. I’m definitely not looking forward to that, though I’m sure the excitement of being published would help balance out the tediousness of editing.

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