Writing speed trials

Every now and then I think it’s interesting to time my writing speeds just to gather statistics on how I work. Recently, over the course of four hours (split among two days), I timed my wordcounts at twelve twenty-minute intervals. This was while I was working on a difficult action scene, so I think my writing was definitely slower than usual, but I’ll have to time myself during some new trials when I get to my next scene to see what sort of differences there are. Here are the results of my trials:

Words written in 20 minutes: 181, 176, 121, 133, 198, 132, 150, 111, 112, 138, 220, 218

That’s a mere 1,890 words in 4 hours. That’s about 473 words per hour, or about 8 words per minute.

I’ll also mention that just timing myself probably slows my process as I’m interrupting myself at regular intervals, taking my mind out of my work. Still, I think it’s interesting to see, and it will be interesting to see how it changes with different sorts of scenes and as I gain experience.

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