Son of a Dark Wizard ebook release!

I have finally released Son of a Dark Wizard as a free ebook on Smashwords!

It’s also on Amazon Kindle!

A CreateSpace print-on-demand physical version is also almost ready. I’m just waiting for the proof to arrive in the mail, and then I’m sure I’ll tweak some things.

There are still some other things I need to do to get my whole “indie-published author” brand setup online. I’ve claimed a Goodreads author page, which I’m waiting for approval for. I need a nice photo of myself taken to upload to various sites. I need to create an Amazon author page. I need to redesign the Morrowgrand website. On my Facebook page, I changed myself from being a “musician / composer” to being an “author”, which I hope won’t too greatly anger the few people who’ve followed the page for my music.

I’ll admit this whole attempt at indie-publishing is a bit awkward. For example, you’ll notice that I refer to it as “indie-publishing” rather than “self-publishing”; even though they’re the same thing, the latter term is, for me, still tainted with the connotation of a wannabe author’s failure to find an agent. (Or perhaps I should say impatience with finding an agent?) Then there’s the issue of how “promotey” I should be; blathering about my fiction can feel like I’m trying too hard to get attention. (I guess that’s always a weird feeling when you’re trying to promote yourself.) And finally there’s that disconcerting feeling I get as I browse the competition, as I look through other people’s self-published books. It’s easy to feel hints of fear and doubt. Can my work actually compete with the established indie authors and popular books that are doing well? Is my storytelling actually as awful as some other self-published work out there? Will my work simply get lost and buried in the vast competition?

At the same time, though, there are indie-publishing success stories out there, and the rational part of my mind says there’s really no reason I shouldn’t be one of them if I can just be thoughtful, persistent, and patient enough.

Anyway, I’ll continue to work on these various author-online-brand things over the weekend. Then I should finally be able to get back to some writing projects!

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