Writing nonseriously

Earlier this year, I wanted to find out what self-publishing an eBook for Amazon’s Kindle was like. So I quickly wrote a terrible fantasy book. It was a ridiculous story featuring awful writing, and I gave it a cheap home-made cover. I used a pseudonym for the author’s name and did no promotion for it. Would it sell? After six months, it sold! One copy! 65 cents for me! Cha-ching!

Obviously, it was not a serious endeavor, and I still aspire to be traditionally published. But quickly writing a really bad fantasy without worrying much about quality or editing was very helpful. I become a bit of a perfectionist with my work sometimes; I become afraid to write, fearing my work will not be good enough. So writing something that I consciously know is not-so-serious is rather therapeutic. And fun.

So I’m going to do it again, but this time through the blog of fake author Nicholas Oringuard, as he writes his epic fantasy, “Children of the Shattered Cosm”, which will end up being one of the longest fantasy novels ever written. (Sure, why not?) It tells the story of twelve children from twelve different worlds who slowly discover that their worlds are linked and that their own spirits are pieces of a grander shattered spirit who had the power create worlds. The children learn they must unite their spirits to save their worlds from destruction. Or something like that.

Check it out here. If you want to.

The Dark Wizard, update 6

Progress on The Dark Wizard has been slow for the past month.  At first, I was having trouble figuring out how to approach the chapter I’m on.  Then I fell into debilitating perfectionism, in which it’s hard to write because I’m irrationally afraid that what I write won’t be good enough, and I procrastinate.  And then I got a nasty cold and could hardly focus on anything because I was coughing with every other breath.  And then Christmas and its busy-ness came along.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to approach the chapter I’m on, and taking some time to brainstorm ideas for other stories helped me slide out of my debilitating perfectionism, so I’m slowly but finally getting back into the groove of writing without fear.

I’m currently on chapter 16, and I’m now thinking there will be 22 chapters in all.  The current draft’s wordcount stands at 26,400 words.  Onward we go!

Oh, you’ll probably also notice that I re-themed the blog.  Even if this is a popular WordPress theme, I think it’s refreshing.  The last theme was really starting to annoy me for some reason.  I like this one better.  If I ever make it to a professional writing career, I’m sure I’ll hire someone to design something special for me, but no need to worry about that any time soon.