The Dark Wizard, update 5

Progress continues on my middle grade fantasy novel. I’ve just started the second half. The wordcount currently stands at 21,800 words. Since the wordcount for the first half of my outline came to around 21,000 words, I’m aiming for the final wordcount to be 42,000 words, so we’ll see how close I can get it. Not that it has to be super-precise. But if it’s too far off, the story will probably feel off-balance. I did some chapter restructuring, splitting one chapter into three and fusing two other chapters together, so now the total amount of chapters in my outline is 21, and I just finished writing chapter 13. If I keep this structure, it means I only have eight more chapters to write. The second half always feel like more fun in stories; it’s when things really start building to the climax.

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