Watching a pro work

Earlier this month, best-selling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson posted some videos on YouTube of him writing, allowing us a glimpse at how a professional works:

As you can see it’s… well… boring. And not much different from the way most of us work, I reckon. Interesting, I suppose, because the art of writing is sometimes imagined to be a person just sitting there typing away endlessly. In movies, writers (and artists in general) are rarely portrayed to be putting that much effort into their work; the art just flows out of them. “As if he were merely taking dictation!” as Salieri might say. But, no, it takes time and thought. (Though I’m sure some writers try to let their first drafts pour onto the page faster and more sloppily.)

I have also taken about an hour’s worth of video of me writing my rough draft of Moonrise Ink back in 2011, except I include a small amount of narration. But I won’t be posting that anytime soon.

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